The park is open every day.
10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

South America welcomes you to visit

Parrot World - Aras 2 ©Jean-Paul GERI

Parrots guide you through a discovery of South America’s animals and landscapes

Parrot World was born out of a passion. Entrepreneur and avid traveller Eric Vignot’s passion and affection for parrots, with their mischievous character and vibrant plumage. Today, their natural habitats are no longer a sanctuary. Parrots, like many species in the biozones of the southern hemisphere, are threatened with extinction. 


Continuing on from his commitment to animal protection via the Parrot Wildlife Foundation, Eric Vignot has designed an immersive wildlife park to raise awareness among all visitors about the wonders and fragility of ecosystems. 


Parrots are your guide through this unforgettable journey and invite you to learn more about the importance of nature through realistic landscapes populated by amazing animals, such as jaguars, giant otters, Humboldt penguins and red ibis.

Parrot World - Emma & Ti Punch Jaguars ©Jean-Paul GERI
flamants de cuba
Parrot World - Loutres Géantes ©Jean-Paul GERI

A showcase for South America

Parrot World invites you to discover the wonders of South America, two nature reserves in particular - the Amazon and Patagonia - renowned worldwide for the diversity of their ecosystems. The park offers a unique experience to raise awareness of nature’s beauty and to observe animals and their natural behaviour.


In the long term, the park hopes to create other themed spaces featuring nature reserves and landscape environments from Africa, Oceania and Asia.

Two immersive attractions to delve into South America’s ecosystems

Parrot World - Amazonia Trek 9 ©Ronan ROCHER

Amazonia Trek

Step inside one of the largest aviaries in Europe, where many iconic species of the Amazonian forest roam free.


During your visit, take the time to find and observe the park’s animals. Look out for majestic jaguars, adorable giant otters, mischievous parrots, vibrant red ibis and bright pink flamingos...


A moment of discovery and amazement for visitors of all ages. 

Parrot World - Patagonia Trek 1 ©Ronan ROCHER

Patagonia Trek

Discover the magic of Patagonia and its wildlife.


Get up close to the pool to observe the behaviour of the Humboldt penguins. Gaze at the rheas living in harmony with the guanacos.


Unique in France, the Patagonia Trek experience takes you to the end of the world to meet rare and extraordinary species. 

Fauna and flora at Parrot World

Parrot World - Amazonia Trek 13 ©Ronan ROCHER

A lush green tropical setting

A veritable tropical green setting, Parrot World transports you to landscapes reminiscent of the South America’s tropical forests. It includes iconic trees of the region, such as the Araucaria, evergreen conifers with needle-like leaves, also known as "monkey puzzle" trees. Palms and banana trees also adorn your path.


You will be among the first to set foot in this tropical forest in the making. It will amaze you with its colours and diversity.  

soigneur donnant à manger aux manchots

Priority to animal welfare

Animals, like humans, need care and attention.


Our caretakers ensure the well-being of the park’s animals at all times. The park works with the Parrot Wildlife Foundation and animal behaviour specialists to create living spaces perfectly adapted to the animals' physiological and psychological needs. During your visit, you can attend educational activities for a unique opportunity to learn about the park's residents and to hear anecdotes about them.


Several times a week, our animal caretakers organise "enrichment" sessions to promote the animals’ psychological well-being and stimulate their natural hunting and foraging instincts. These “enrichments” often involve rearranging part of the animals’ territory or changing the way food is presented to them. 

Fun activities for the whole family

Parrot World - Animation 1 ©Ronan ROCHER

The Creepy Crawlies Hut

Did you know that 80% of animal biodiversity is made up of tiny animals?


"Arthropods", known to us as insects, spiders, millipedes and crustaceans, are the true masters of this planet. They inhabit all continents in unexpected and extraordinary forms and play a central role in the functioning of ecosystems.


Come to the Creepy Crawlies Hut to discover these little workers during our fun activities organised throughout the day.


Canopy Raft Outdoor Play

Inspired by the 1980s French scientific expedition “Le Radeau des Cimes” whose mission was to study the rainforest canopy and its biodiversity, this larger-than-life outdoor play area invites children to imagine themselves atop a tropical forest.


Our youngest visitors can experience incredible adventures like great explorers, crossing a monkey bridge or climbing up to wooden huts before sliding down the toboggan back to the ground and then making their way to meet the animals who live at Parrot World.

Parrot World - Ranch de Enfants 1 ©Ronan ROCHER

Kids' Ranch

Take a trip to our farm, an immersive space with adorable dwarf goats and alpacas, first cousins of the llama, native to South America and known for their warm wool.


You can walk among these four-legged friends. An immersive experience particularly appreciated by both younger and older children

Parrot Wildlife Foundation's Explorers’ Camp

This Amazonian village is inspired by a scientific explorer's camp in the Amazon. In the Carbet Manger, named after a carbet (typical Amerindian wooden shelter for hanging hammocks), visitors can enjoy a drink while watching the giant otters splashing in the river and admiring the majestic views of the Amazon aviary.


The village is also a place of learning, where the ecosystem of the Amazon jungle is presented along with the various actions carried out by the Parrot Wildlife Foundation in Central and South America. 

Chemin de la biodiversité

The Path of Biodiversity




Throughout this route, illustrated panels, fun activities, observatories, insect hotels allow nature lovers or simply curious people to familiarize themselves with our ecosystem, its small animals and its local flora.


A great way to learn while having fun!