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A magical stay inspired by the South American forest

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Lodge Jaguar

Sleep in a lodge for the Christmas holidays

A night in front of the emblematic animals of South America just 30 minutes from Paris

A magical stay in unusual accommodation for Christmas 2022!


Discover our 5 lodges in the heart of our giant aviary.

Parrot World - Soigneur d'un Jour 4 ©Ronan ROCHER

Extend your immersive experience!

Add to your stay our additional One-Day Caregiver offer and become an Zookeeper for half a day!


For a few hours, put on your animal care outfit and set off to meet species that are as surprising as they are endearing.

Parrot World - Lodge 5 ©Ronan ROCHER

An ambassador for the Amazon and all its beauty, Parrot World is a recreation of the South American landscape with majestic exotic species such as the jaguar, giant otters, Humboldt penguins and hundreds of parrots.


You will discover these animals in their reconstituted natural habitats, some of them even live in complete freedom in the park: in the aviary, the parrots fly happily over your heads! If you are lucky, you may even get close to them.


To extend this immersive experience, the park offers you the chance to sleep as close as possible to these adorable feathered and legged companions thanks to 5 lodges inspired by the houses on stilts found on the banks of the Amazon. Your childhood dream becomes reality.

Choose your experience

Parrot World - Lodge 2 ©Ronan ROCHER

A night in the amazon

After a day spent getting to know the animals, extend your adventure with an overnight stay in the heart of the Amazon with a limitless view of the park's aviary and its multicoloured birds.

lodge jaguar

Face to face with South America's biggest predator

Nestled in the heart of the Amazonian forest, our two Jaguar Lodges offer you an overnight stay in the realm of South America's most majestic feline...

Lodge pantanal intérieur

The Pantanal under the stars

Wake up to a colony of scarlet ibis, persimmon and night herons.

Dive into the world's wildest region, home to hundreds of tropical birds.

Sleeping close to the animals, an unforgettable immersive experience

Each lodge has its own universe. Facing the jaguars, the river of otters or the scientific camp, you live a singular adventure full of surprises, punctuated by the coming and going of the animals.

Parrot World - Lodge 1 ©Ronan ROCHER

Watch the jaguar at nightfall

Opposite the jaguar enclosure, two pretty cabins welcome you for a change of scenery. Made of natural materials, these comfortable and warm lodges blend into the wild environment of the felines' habitat.


They have a lounge/adult bedroom and a mezzanine for children. The large bay window overlooking the jaguar enclosure floods the room with soft light, allowing you to fully appreciate the breathtaking view of this little piece of Amazonian forest.

Parrot World - Emma & Ti Punch Jaguars ©Jean-Paul GERI
Lodge Jaguar salon parrot world
Parrot World - Ti Punch Jaguars ©Jean-Paul GERI
Parrot World - Vue Lodge 1 ©Ronan ROCHER

Watch parrots fly majestically

Aspiring explorers, experience a timeless stay in the middle of a camp of scientists who have set out to discover the riches of South America. From the top of your perched hut, you will be able to admire the parrots flying like you have never seen them before!


The first lodge is just a few steps away from the Parrot Wildlife Foundation's scientific camp, in the world of scientists who work passionately to protect endangered animals and ensure the survival of species.


The second lodge overlooks the river in the aviary. You can watch the parrots and other exotic birds from your terrace on stilts, with your family or friends, during a break to discover the South American fauna.

Parrot World - Aras ©Ronan ROCHER
lodge village parrot world
perroquet rouge et bleu perché sur une corde
Intérieur lodge pantanal

An unforgettable stay in front of the red ibis

Named "Pantanal" in homage to the wild prairies and savannahs that stretch from Brazil to Paraguay, this lodge will delight bird lovers of all kinds.


It stands opposite a pond decorated with aquatic plants and a majestic tree where red ibises, night herons and other birds have decided to make themselves at home.


An enchanting sight that you can enjoy from the comfort of your bed in the morning.

Parrot World - Vue Lodge 5 ©Ronan ROCHER
Ibis rouge
lodge pantanal vue parrot world

Our hotel stays at Domaine de Crecy, 2 minutes walk from Parrot World

Domaine de Crécy - Entrée 1 ©Ronan ROCHER

To make your stay last while offering you a moment of relaxation, the hotel Les Suites - Domaine de Crécy is ideally located 200 m from the park.


The Domaine features 28 spacious suites that can accommodate from 2 to 6 people throughout the year and a restaurant Le Panoramic open for lunch and dinner.


Surrounded by nature, this charming hotel is equipped with a beautiful swimming pool, a tennis court, a driving range and two golf courses.

For any question about our lodges stays

Contact Le Domaine de Crécy :


+33 1 64 75 34 44