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Internet ticket prices

Take advantage of a special rate for all tickets purchased online!


The adult ticket at € 17.00 instead of € 18.00 and the child ticket at € 13.00 instead of € 14.00.

Combined Ticket - Parrot World Sea Life

Sea Life x Parrot World combined ticket


Visit Parrot World and the Sealife Paris aquarium with just 1 ticket!


This is possible thanks to our new “Sea Life x Parrot World combined ticket” offer in partnership with the Sea Life aquarium located in the Val d’Europe shopping center.

Parrot World - Soigneur d'un Jour 3 ©Ronan ROCHER

Extend your immersive experience!

Add to your stay our additional One-Day Caregiver offer and become an Zookeeper for half a day!


For a few hours, put on your animal care outfit and set off to meet species that are as surprising as they are endearing.

Lodge Jaguar

Sleep in front of the emblematic animals

A night in front of the emblematic animals of South America just 30 minutes from Paris

A magical stay in unusual accommodation 2023 !


Discover our 5 lodges in the heart of our giant aviary.

Bébés Jaguars

Two baby jaguars at Parrot World

Baalam and Akabo the two baby jaguars, born last April are growing up so fast !


They are in great shape and their mother, Emma, ​​takes good care of them. You can always come and meet them at the park.


An exceptional event not to be missed !

Chemin de la biodiversité


Come and discover our path of biodiversity now open to visitors!


Throughout this route, illustrated panels, fun activities, observatories, insect hotels allow nature lovers or the simply curious to possess themselves with our ecosystem, its small animals and its local flora.


A great way to learn while having fun!

2024 prices

One day ticket Parrot World

One-day ticket

ONLINE ADULT RATE + 12 years 17.00€
ONLINE CHILD RATE 3 - 11 years 13.00€


  • Purchase on site : 18€ adult rate - 14€ child rate
  • FREE for children under 3 years old
  • Day ticket valid for 365 days from the date of purchase
  • Rate for people with disabilities available







RATE 4 PEOPLE min 1 adult 56.00€


  • Rate 4 people : 2 adults + 2 chidren or 1 adult + 3 children
  • Rates valid for children from 3 to 11 years old
  • Day ticket valid for 365 days from the date of purchase






pass annuel

Annual Pass

PASS ADULT RATE + 12 years 36.00€
PASS CHILD RATE 3 - 11 years 28.00€
  • Unlimited access to the park on opening days for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • amortized in 2 passages
  • Discounts on catering, the shop, one-day caretaker animation
  • FREE for children under 3 years old





soigneur d'un jour


ADULT RATE + 15 years 150.00€
CHILD RATE 8 - 14 years 90.00€
  • Only available in French
  • Zookeeper for a Day certification
  • Access to the backstage of the park
  • Day ticket included
  • Parrot World annual passes benefit from a -10% discount on entertainment




Welcome to Parrot World

South America and its iconic animals in a nature reserve just outside Paris

Journey to South America and discover its biodiversity

Parrot World - Acceuil Parc 1 ©Ronan ROCHER

An immersive adventure in the heart of the animal kingdom

Enjoy a fun and educational experience in the first immersive wildlife park dedicated to the wonders of South America.

Parrot World offers the chance to observe animals from the Amazon and Patagonia, in a setting close to their natural habitat. Step out of time and be transported into the colourful atmosphere of lush green South American landscapes.

Parrot World - Amazonia Trek 5 ©Ronan ROCHER

Get to know the iconic species of South America

Parrot World welcomes you to two fully immersive experiences - Amazonia Trek and Patagonia Trek - where you visit the wildlife park like a nature reserve, going in search of South America’s iconic animals. Parrots, jaguars, giant otters, Humboldt penguins and hundreds of multicoloured birds live in spaces similar to their natural habitat. 


Like an explorer on a scientific expedition, keep your eyes wide open and go in search of these fascinating animals. Enjoy a fun and educational adventure created by the Parrot Wildlife Foundation, an organisation taking action and supporting conservationists around the world.

Two immersive experiences to discover the wealth of South America's landscapes

Jaguar dans les arbres


Step inside one of the largest aviaries in Europe, home to many iconic species of the Amazonian forest. During your visit, go in search of the parrots and look out for the animals they live among. Majestic jaguars, adorable giant otters, vibrant red ibis and bright pink flamingos... it’s an exciting adventure of discovery and wonder for visitors of all ages. 

Manchots de Humboldt


Discover the magic of Patagonia and its wildlife. Get up close to the pool to observe the behaviour of the Humboldt penguin colonies. A little further on, you will come across guanacos and rheas. Unique in France, the Patagonia Trek experience takes you to the end of the world to meet rare and extraordinary species.




Parrot World is located in the heart of the countryside in Crécy-la-Chapelle, a commune in the Seine-et-Marne department outside Paris.


Extend your experience with an overnight stay in close proximity to the park's animals.


There are no animal shows at Parrot World, but we do offer educational activities with our scientific guides.

More than 120 species to discover

Parrot World offers you an insight into the rich South American ecosystem

In the immersive aviary, over 200 parrots - macaws, amazons and conures - live together with a multitude of other species including herons, ibis, flamingos and many other exotic birds.


You can also see other species that normally share parrot habitats: giant Amazonian otters wading in their river, an underwater view of the jaguars swimming, penguins, coatis and capybaras.


Educational activities organised by our animal caretakers are available every day and offer the chance to learn more about these extraordinary animals.

Machot de Humboldt
Lodges jaguars

Sleep in a lodge facing the animals

Extend the experience with a unique stay in one of our 5 lodges inspired by the stilt houses along the Amazon River. Who hasn't dreamed of spending a night in the Amazon forest? 

Parrot World - Lodge 2 ©Ronan ROCHER

A night in the amazon

After a day spent getting to know the animals, extend your adventure with an overnight stay in the heart of the Amazon with a limitless view of the park's aviary and its multicoloured birds.

lodge jaguar

Face to face with South America's biggest predator

Nestled in the heart of the Amazonian forest, our two Jaguar Lodges offer you an overnight stay in the realm of South America's most majestic feline...

Lodge pantanal intérieur

The Pantanal under the stars

Wake up to a colony of scarlet ibis, persimmon and night herons.

Dive into the world's wildest region, home to hundreds of tropical birds.