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Zookeeper For A Day

Feeding animals, taking care of them, approaching them… All this makes you dream? Parrot World invites you to live an unforgettable experience: for a few hours, put on your animal trainer outfit and go to meet species as amazing as endearing.

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Become a zookeeper for a day!

Once you’re equipped with your Parrot World zookeeper uniform, you’ll take care of your protected on legs or feathers through several activities*: 


  • Preparing meals for park animals
  • Making an enrichment for jaguars
  • Privileged moment with capybaras. Observation of their behavior
  • Observation and distribution of food to guanacos, rheas and Patagonian maras, 
  • Exclusive meeting and feeding giant otters
  • Cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor bird spaces
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good to know!

The Day Healer activity lasts for one afternoon and includes a day ticket to Parrot World and a drink break.

The + of the activity

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Access to the backstage of the park

An incredible chance to approach the animals as close as possible in their spaces not accessible to visitors.

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Zookeeper outfit

A uniform will be lent to put you in the shoes of an animal healer.

Diplôme SDJ 2023

Zookeeper for a day Diploma

To congratulate you, a Zookeeper for a day diploma will be awarded at the end of the day.

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An unforgettable adventure to live with your family

Is there a more magical gift than that of realizing your childhood dream and discovering the backstage of an animal park? 


During your day in the skin of a healer, you will be gathered in a small group of 6 people maximum to live a special moment with the animals. A immersion that you will not soon forget! 


Please the big child in you and accompany your little angels on this memorable adventure. It is an opportunity to live beautiful moments of complicity in family that you will remember for a long time. 


Give a memorable memory to your loved ones: a gift voucher for the "Zookeeper For A Day"

What you need to know before becoming a Zookeeper apprentice

picto horloge

Dates & Times

During the park’s opening period: every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Every day during school holidays in Zone C.

Plan your afternoon


minimum age

Carer of a day is accessible to children between 8 and 13 years (included) accompanied by a paying adult also doing the activity Carer of a day (150€ adult rate).  
Each session is composed of 6 people maximum plus a facilitator.

An adult can supervise a maximum of 5 children per session.


a suitable outfit

Remember to bring a suitable outfit and shoes to work with animals.



Zookeeper for a Day Activity

adult rate from 14 years
150,00 €
child rate between 8 and 13 years
90,00 €

Zookeeper for a Day includes 1 day ticket to Parrot World and a drink break.

Parrot World annual passes get 10% discount on animation


Come and live an unforgettable experience!

* The program is indicative. It is subject to change depending on animal welfare or veterinary intervention.